David L. Harris | Blues I Felt (CD)


David L. Harris | Blues I Felt (CD)

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American Trombone player, vocalist and composer David L. Harris embodies the edge of modern jazz and the sultriness of blues. "From my trombone, I speak of all that my ancestors have spoken and all that is to come." His masterful team joins him in this endeavor, most recently with the critically-acclaimed “Blues I Felt”, Mr Harris’ debut album.

Track Listing

  1. A Pisces' Dream

  2. Bein' Green

  3. Dewy's Notion

  4. Mood Indigo

  5. DJ's Induction

  6. Old Man Speaks

  7. There Will Be A Time

  8. The Point To See

  9. Moody's Mood For Love

  10. There Is No Greater Love

  11. Blues I Felt